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Michael Chen


Meet Michael Chen, the dynamic CEO at the helm of Istry. With his clear vision and strategic thinking, he guides our voyage, transforming our creative aspirations into tangible, successful events.Michael’s leadership fortifies the inventive spirit of Istry, marrying our culinary and mixology artistry with well-orchestrated execution. This harmonious blend of creativity and sound management places Istry at the cutting edge of the food and beverage industry.



Presenting Thaon Simms, the vigilant and skilled Chief of Operations at Istry. Thaon is the dynamic linchpin that ensures our events are executed to perfection from the planning phase right through to the final act. His unwavering commitment to operational excellence is pivotal to the harmonious flow of our culinary experiences.


EXecutive Chef

Jamie Allen is the powerhouse Executive Chef and Co-Founder behind Istry, an avant-garde food and beverage event company based in Jamaica. Prior to co-founding Istry, Jamie honed his culinary skills in the bustling kitchens of New York City, where his passion for food and creative flair allowed him to leave a remarkable imprint.


Matthieu Duval

Master Mixologist

Matthieu Duval, affectionately known as ‘Fada Duvie’, is a master mixologist and the co-founder of Istry, an innovative food and beverage event company with roots in Jamaica. Although Matthieu’s professional background is in the medical field, his passion for mixology and creative blending led him to co-found Istry and bring his unique flavor profiles to the world.


Chief of Design

Meet Toussaint Chen, the creative maestro and Chief of Design at Istry. His remarkable artistic skills breathe life into the aesthetic persona of our experiences. From striking photography to sleek website design, his creative contributions not only showcase Istry’s unique identity but also weave a visual story that deeply resonates with our patrons.